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The Travel Master Kit

The Travel Master Kit

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 Free Magic Magic & Install Kit
The Magic Magnet is safe and stronger than the magnets inside your iPhone. Attaching the Magic Magnet to your device allows any phone to use the WalleyGrip and other MagSafe accessories

P4’s patent-pending InstaCharge technology lets you magnetically attach the two independent portable wireless chargers. Once connected, P4 will quickly InstaCharge to the portable charger (ie: P4: Hub -> P4: Mobile) that has the lower battery percentage in 20 minutes. Once your power bank is charged up, attach your device, and charge up anytime, anywhere!

P4: Pandora Portable Power+

Take your device charging to the next level with P4! P4 is composed of three parts: the Plug, the Hub and the Mobile. You can use each part of P4 separately, or joined together, for a more powerful charging solution for any device, anytime, anywhere.


The WalleyGrip2 is the second edition of phone accessories created by InfinaCore™, and it's a serious upgrade from the first. The WG2 functions as a detachable slim wallet, phone grip and video kickstand, and we've added some great new features like RFID blocking, NFC support and MagSafe. With Popl technology built-in, the WalleyGrip2 brings the convenience of your lifestyle into the digital world.

This kit includes:
1x P4: Pandora Portable Power+ (1x Plug, 1x Hub, 1x Mobile, 1x EU Adaptor, 1x UK Adaptor)
1x WalleyGrip2

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Raving Reviews

"I've been using a sample P4 since meeting the InfinaCore team at CES2022 and have been using it for all of my devices when I travel worldwide. My carry-on bag is that much lighter now!"



Power Users Rejoice

The P4 is ready to rock your charging game.

‣ Super fast charging speed between devices

‣ Built in safety features to prevent overheating

‣ Modular magnetic structure allows you to share charging while on-the-go

See the official video here.

Built With Features You Need

Zero setup time

Fraud prevention

Holds your phone easily

Attaches securely to your phone

Popl™️ Smart Chip

Instantly share with the Popl Social Smart Chip.

Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn

Venmo / PayPal / Cash App

Phone number (contact card)

Sales CRM (Pipedrive, etc)

5000+ more integrations!

Nine Web Exclusive Colors

Glossy finish

Available only online

Not available for WalleyGrip version 1

Bundle & Save

Charge your smartphone at max speed

Wirelessly charge on-the-go

Includes 2 travel adaptors for your next vacation


Bundle includes: 2x WalleyGrip, 1x P3 Wireless Power Bank

Customer Reviews

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Manuel Parsons

I travel a lot and I'm always looking for ways to make my life more convenient. I recently came across this awesome product that lets me charge all my devices in one place. It's super compact so it's easy to take with me on the go. Great value for the money. Similar units cost far more, a must have for traveling.