About Us

The People

WalleyGrip is a forward-thinking and inspired company that ties together the enjoyment of connecting with people—along with the experience of living 2020 digital lifestyle. It has but recently that WalleyGrip has taken its own trademark to journey into the minds—and phones—of the energetic, sociable, and trendsetting community.

WalleyGrip is a subsidiary of InfinaCore™, founded by Victor Chor, the recipient of the 2022 Young Founders Award from the Mises Institute. 

“Nobody ever needs to carry around a two-inch wallet in their back pocket or purse anymore as WalleyGrip2 is functional, comfortable and durable, and protected” - Victor


The Mission

Our mission is to seamlessly integrate into our customers’ lives and have them wondering, “what would I do without you?” With all that time spent holding up your phone…sad pinky finger! All that time spent making the perfect social media profile…you’re going to share that right? If peoples’ lives are become more simplified and new conversations are started through our innovations, then our objectives are being hit. But innovation never stops if the dream is still alive.


The Product

The WalleyGrip needs no explanation, as it is easy to understand, simple to program and universally accepted. WalleyGrip does not discriminate! So whether you have a iPhone, Android or other type of smartphone, there will still be full compatibility. There is endless amount of customization because WalleyGrip2 has been designed to fit into each person’s unique experience.