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Free Magic Magnet
The Magic Magnet will allow non-MagSafe phones to use the WalleyGrip2. Simply peel off the sticker and apply it to the center of your phone or phone case

Comfortable Grip

A secure finger loop to drastically reduce hand fatigue

Contactless Payment Ready

Reveal your cards with a simple push of your thumb and tap to pay (holds up to 3 cards)

MagSafe Magnet

Snaps right onto your phone and sticks well to hands-free. (Free Magic Magnet for non-MagSafe users.)

Popl Smart Chip

Digital business card that you can share with a simple tap

RFID Fraud Prevention

Equipped with an RFID blocking card built inside to prevents theft and scams


No batteries in sight. Go ahead and accept payment in the pool if your heart desires

WalleyGrip2 is a MagSafe smart wallet that combines tech and style in an innovative design which features a Social Smart Chip, comfortable grip, kickstand, and RFID fraud blocking technology.

How to use the Popl Smart Chip:

  1. Tap the camera of your phone to the Popl icon on the back of the WalleyGrip2.
  2. A notification will pop up - tap on it.
  3. Create a Popl Profile.
  4. Share your profile to anyone who taps the WalleyGrip2 with their phone!

No more spelling out your username letter by letter! Instantly share with a direct link to your page. With the WalleyGrip2, you can share things like your:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Social media pages (Instagram, TikTok & all other apps)
  • Payment profiles (Cash App, PayPal, Venmo & more)
  • & much more! (5000+ integrations)

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Raving Reviews

"I've tried a ton of phone cases and accessories and nothing makes more sense than the WalleyGrip2."

- Jack Raia



Simplify Your Life

 Wallet / Grip / Kickstand

Digital Business Card

 MagSafe Compatible

‣ Waterproof

Built With Features You Need

Zero setup time

Fraud prevention

Holds your phone easily

Attaches securely to your phone

Popl™️ Smart Chip

Instantly share with the Popl Social Smart Chip.

Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn

Venmo / PayPal / Cash App

Phone number (contact card)

Sales CRM (Pipedrive, etc)

5000+ more integrations!

Nine Web Exclusive Colors

Glossy finish

Available only online

Not available for WalleyGrip version 1

Bundle & Save

Charge your smartphone at max speed

Wirelessly charge on-the-go

Includes 2 travel adaptors for your next vacation


Bundle includes: 2x WalleyGrip, 1x P3 Wireless Power Bank

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Lowell Matthews

Popl feature is so useful for networking and sharing contacts.The WalleyGrip2 kickstand makes it easy to watch videos and has a good "grip" to it.

Evan Campbell

If you're looking for a strong, good-looking wallet case, this is the one you want. I was impressed with how well it held my cards and how stylish it looked. I highly recommend WalleyGrip2.

Nathaniel Hunter

WalleyGrip2 is the perfect solution for me. I can easily hold my iPhone and also keep my license and credit card safe with me at all times. Now, everything I need is at my fingertips when I drive. Plus, the customer service people are quick to respond and the shipping was the fastest!

Edwin Ortiz
good product

received product 2 weeks ago…so far so good

Alberto Yates
Amazing product

I can't believe I didn't get this product sooner! The wallet and grip are amazing, and the Popl feature is really innovative. I love how easy it is to share my contact information with a simple tap.