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Free Magic Magnet & Install Kit
The Magic Magnet is safe and stronger than the magnets inside your iPhone. Attaching the Magic Magnet to your device allows any phone to use the WalleyGrip and other MagSafe accessories

ERGONOMIC AND COMFORTABLE - A secure pleasant and
experience when holding your phone, while drastically reducing
hand fatigue

CONTACTLESS PAYMENT READY - Reveal your cards with a
simple push of your thumb and tap to pay. (Holds up to 3 Cards).
REMOVABLE - Snaps right onto your phone and sticks well to

POPL SOCIAL SMART CHIP - Take your digital life into the physical realm with NFC activated profile that you can share with a simple tap! The customization options are abundant and setup is as quick as it is intuitive

FRAUD PREVENTION - Equipped with an RFID blocking card built inside the mold that prevents theft and scams

WATERPROOF - No batteries in sight. Go ahead and accept payment in the pool if your heart desires

QR CODE - Scan the on the back of the product if you need support.

WalleyGrip2 is the second edition in the family of phone accessories created by InfinaCore™. Much like its predecessor, WG2 functions as a detachable slim wallet, phone grip and video kickstand. To call the WG2 an upgrade would be an understatement. To start, we overhauled of the molding to create a more sturdy frame, added RFID blocking and NFC features AND MagSafe. The convenience of your lifestyle now extends into your digital world with the help of Popl technology.

Each WG2 comes complete with free access to Popl.
You will have be able to showcse your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and more. You will be able to accept payments from friends and customers through apps like PayPal, Venmo and Cashapp with a single tap of a phone.
You will be able to share any contact information of your choosing such as your name, phone number, business name website, physical address with - you guessed it - just a tap! With a Popl Pro subscription (not included), you gain access to unlimited customization options such as color themes ability to add ANY link to your profile, embedded videos and more. Customization is effortless and quite literally limitless. Find the right vibe for your Popl page and swap between.

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 Wallet / Grip / Kickstand

Digital Business Card

 MagSafe Compatible

‣ Waterproof


Raving Reviews

"This is magical. So convenient. It stays secure, easy to take on and off when I need my phone to be slim and tap it on a phone to collect payment from friends with Venmo.."

★★★★★ - Happy Customer

Built With Features You Need

Zero setup time

Fraud prevention

Holds your phone easily

Attaches securely to your phone

Popl™️ Smart Chip

Instantly share with the Popl Social Smart Chip.

Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn

Venmo / PayPal / Cash App

Phone number (contact card)

Sales CRM (Pipedrive, etc)

5000+ more integrations!

Nine Web Exclusive Colors

Glossy finish

Available only online

Not available for WalleyGrip version 1

Bundle & Save

Charge your smartphone at max speed

Wirelessly charge on-the-go

Includes 2 travel adaptors for your next vacation


Bundle includes: 2x WalleyGrip, 1x P3 Wireless Power Bank

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Dana Ryan

The wallet is secure and comfortable. The smart chip works well and has held up over the last month. I love that I don't have to take my phone out to share my social media profiles with new people.

Paula R

I really like this wallet! It's easy to use and the band is quite strong.

Martin Russell

I love this wallet. I love it because it's a lot different from my old one. My old wallet was just a simple, traditional leather one. But this Walleygrip2 is something else. It lets you share your social media profiles with no hassle, it's comfortable and durable, and it's just the best wallet I've ever had. I've been using it for a couple of months now and it makes my life so much easier. I love it so much I bought a second one for my wife. I'm never going back to my old wallet.

B Henderson

Walleygrip2 is a smart wallet that allows you to share all your accounts with a single tap. The Popl chip will share your social media and other online accounts with a simple tap of your wallet, so you don't have to go through the hassle of copy-pasting your profiles one by one. I'm surprised by how well this works. I've gotten tons of followers since I started using the Walleygrip2.

Kerry Greene

A must have for all influencers! I was looking for a way to get tons of followers on my social media accounts and this Walleygrip2 is exactly what I needed. I can share all my social media profiles with one tap and it's super easy to use. It's also a good deal compared to similar products out there and it's very durable. It's the perfect way to share all your social media profiles with one tap.