Help Me Set Up My WalleyGrip2

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need MagSafe to use the WalleyGrip2?

WalleyGrip2 utilizes MagSafe compatible magnets and it is recommended that you purchase a strong MagSafe-backed case or our Magic Magnet from our catalog.

Who do I contact if I need product support? 🧑‍💻

You can flip your WalleyGrip2 to the back and scan the QR code for easy access to Live Chat with an InfinaCore representative.

How does the card holding function work?

WalleyGrip2 is rated to hold up to 3 cards, but you can insert 4 cards if you wish to push the limits. To easily access your cards, use your thumb to push through the hole on the back of your WG2.

How does the loop band work?

The WalleyGrip2 has a redesigned loop band that looks similar, but is distinguished compared to the previous model. To operate, push the tab down and insert your finger (or two). You can utilize the locking mechanism by pushing the tab until it 'clicks'. Makes for good selfies and if you put your phone on a flat surface, the WG2 acts as a kickstand for you to view content in landscape orientation.

Popl Related Questions

What is the the Popl Social Smart Chip?

The Popl Social Smart Chip is a profile page that you can personalize and share with any device that has NFC activated (ie: iPhone 7 and beyond, Samsung Galaxy S3 and beyond). To put in short, almost all smartphones active today have NFC reading capabilities. There are no batteries required and setting up the profile is very easy! People love to program their contact card to easily share their full name, phone number and even address with just a simple tap of a card. For more information click here.

How do I accept payments with my WalleyGrip2? 💸

If you're reading this message, that means we haven't created a tutorial video yet. However, it's super simple and Popl has a general tutorial video on 'how to add apps to your profile page'. You can add a payment app with the same ease as a contact app.

How do I program my Popl Social Smart Chip?

Any novel concept will require some effort. Good thing Popl has made it easy to onboard in less than 2 minutes. Check out 'this tutorial video'.

Help! My Popl profile isn't working when tapping on the NFC of a smartphone!

The Popl Social Smart Chip is NFC as well as credit cards. Make sure that your credit card NFC function is facing the top of the WalleyGrip2, allowing the smartphone to read just one NFC chip (Popl). If that still doesn't work, use your thumb to push up your credit card by 1/2 and inch and try to pop again.

Can I use the Popl Social Smart Chip on both sides of the WalleyGrip2?

Yes you can, however, if your have a credit or debit card that utilizes NFC also, you will need to "expose" the NFC chip by pushing the cards out with your thumb in order to allow the receiving device to recognize one NFC chip (The Popl Smart Chip)